Fiances & Significant Others

Fiances & Significant Others Retreat


Fiances & Significant Others Retreat is planned for surviving fiancés, significant others, live-in partners, parents of the fallen officer’s children that were not married and life partners of law enforcement officers who died in the line of duty, according to C.O.P.S. criteria.  Other relatives and friends are not eligible to attend.


Surviving Fiancés, Significant Others and Life Partners have to cope with the fact that plans they may have created for their future have changed after the loss of their officer.  This retreat allows them to get assistance on how handle these challenging life changes.  C.O.P.S. Fiancés/Significant Others Retreat will give you the opportunity to attend grief seminar sessions specifically designed for your needs, participate in challenging and fun outdoor activities and receive support from peers who truly understand.  It is our goal for you to leave the retreat feeling relaxed, with a continuing support system and a tremendous sense of personal growth and self-awareness for the future.



2018 Fiances & Significant Others


2018 Fiances & Significant Others Retreat


Fiances & Significant Others Retreat 2017

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